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Toxovax made to order vaccine – IT IS NON REFUNDABLE Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

For the active immunisation of susceptible breeding female sheep to reduce the effects of infection by Toxoplasma gondii, namely early embryonic death, barrenness and abortion.

Vaccination with Toxovax is known to protect for at least two lambing seasons.

 Do not vaccinate animals less than 3 weeks before mating.

Do not use during pregnancy.

Toxoplasma is only one of the causes of abortion in sheep.

Where abortion occurs in sheep which have been vaccinated with Toxovax then it is recommended that veterinary advice is sought immediately to clarify the likely cause.

Care should be taken in handling such abortions as susceptible humans may be at risk of infection.

A good immune response is reliant on the reaction of an immunogenic agent and a fully competent immune system.

Immunogenicity of the vaccine antigen will be reduced by poor storage or inappropriate administration.

Immunocompetence of the animal may be compromised by a variety of factors including poor health, nutritional status, genetic factors, concurrent drug therapy and stress.

Only healthy animals should be vaccinated.

  1. Special precautions for use in animals None.


  1. Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the product to animals


Toxovax should not be handled by pregnant women, or women of child bearing age as the vaccine may interfere with normal foetal development.

Toxovax should not be handled by persons who are immuno-deficient (e.g. AIDS sufferers; persons undergoing chemotherapy or taking immuno-suppressive drugs).

Operators should wear gloves when handling the vaccine. Living tachyzoites can cause disease in man. Care should be taken to avoid self-injection and to avoid vaccine getting into the mouth or the eyes.

In the case of self-injection, immediate medical advice should be sought and the doctor should be informed that self-injection with a living tachyzoite toxoplasma vaccine has occurred.

Pyrimethamine therapy is the current recognised treatment for toxoplasmosis in humans.

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