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Rispoval 2 RSV+PI3, 5 dose POM-V (Fridge)

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Vm 42058/4212


Rispoval 2 injection (RSV, PI3) as alternative or follow on vaccine to Rispoval Intranasal.
It is a 2 dose programme 3-4 weeks apart.Vm 42058/4212
Dosage and administration for Rispoval 2
Reconstitute the vaccine by adding the liquid fraction to the vial containing the lyophilised pellet.
When the lyophilised plug and liquid fraction are in equally sized vials:
Inject the entire liquid fraction into the vial containing the lyophilisate.
When the lyophilised plug is in a smaller sized vial than the liquid fraction, the reconstitution of the vaccine is carried out in 2 steps:
Inject 10ml of the liquid fraction on the lyophilised plug in the vial containing the lyophilisate.
Shake well and extract the part reconstituted vaccine from the vial and mix with the remaining liquid in the liquid fraction vial.
Shake well before use.
Reconstituted product: pink-orange turbid suspension with loose sediment.
Basic vaccination
Two doses of 4 ml of reconstituted vaccine should be given 3-4 weeks apart from 12 weeks of age, via the intramuscular route.
If continued protection against BRSV is required, then animals should be revaccinated after 6 months. The duration of immunity of the Pi3 component is not known.
Animals should preferably be vaccinated at least 3 weeks before a period of stress or high infection risk like re-grouping, transport of animals or the start of the autumn season.


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