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Provita Llama & Alpaca Recovery Paste 35g

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Product description: Provita Llama and Alpaca Recovery is a paste containing EU approved probiotic bacteria, egg powder and Vitamins A, D3 & E in a high energy base. The EU approved probiotic bacteria ensure a rapid colonisation of the intestinal tract. They produce digestive enzymes in the intestine to efficiently break down feed components into simple, easily digested nutrients which helps keep their delicate digestive system in good condition.

When to use: At birth, bought in llama, at times of stress, change of feed and after diarrhoea or antibiotic therapy. Stabilisation of the intestinal flora in case of diarrhoea caused by feed intolerance.

Application: Females: At birthing & weaning; Llamas 8g; Alpacas 6g.
Service; Llamas 8g, Alpacas 6g before and after transport.
Crias: At birth and daily for the first 10 days; Llamas 4g, Alpacas 3g.
General: Times of stress e.g. worming, ill-health, after antibiotic treatment, breaking, preparation for sale, transport etc.; Llamas 8g, Alpacas 6g for 3 days.

Unit size: 35g tubes