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Provita Lamb Response 100ml

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Product Description:

Provita Lamb Response oral liquid suspension supplies a unique combination of beneficial bacteria, egg powder and vitamins to kick start newborn lambs. Lambs are born with a sterile gut. Provita Lamb Response should be used to aid the establishment of beneficial bacteria within the digestive tract. In young lambs prior to having a fully functioning rumen, it has been shown that there is a need for dietary supplements of vitamins, especially fat soluble and B vitamins.

When to use:   

Give to new born lambs at birth, after digestive upset or after antibiotic therapy to re-colonise the gut with healthy bacteria.

Unit Size:          

Available in 100ml automatic dispenser.

Application per bottle: 

90 x 1.1ml

Additional information


35g (2 applications), 15g (1 application)