Provita Calf Colostrum


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Provita concentrated colostrum powder with egg powder proteins, beneficial bacteria and vitamins to provide calves with a complete colostrum feed.

Features Benefits
Colostrum Supplies natural colostrum which can be absorbed into the blood stream provided it is administered ideally within the first 6 hours of birth.
Egg Powder Proteins Supplements the natural colostrum. Beneficial bacteria, 2.5 billion per application Contains the same high level multi strain beneficial bacteria that are in Protect. These beneficial bacteria physically exclude harmful pathogens from attaching to the gut wall and improve digestion.

Vitamins A, D3 & E To counter common deficiencies in new born calves. High-level easy-absorbable energy The lactose and oil provides instant and slow release energy to the newborn calf therefore helping to get it up and sucking quicker.

Easy mix Formulated to mix easily in luke-warm water making it easy and fast to use.

Foil sachet Sealed in a foil sachet for freshness and preservation of nutrients.

When to use: At birth or for bought-in calves to give the calf protection against harmful pathogens and provide energy to get up and suckle its mother.

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300g, 300g bottle, 6 x 300g