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Precision Microbes Range


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Precision Microbes have unique liquid blends of live probiotic bacteria in their log phase in a ph controlled dormant state with all their metabolites (postbiotics). This means a rapid speed of action.

  • There are a large numbers of CFUs per ml of live beneficial bacteria that are ready to act immediately (1.5 x 108 CFU/ml).
  • Rapid speed of onset in gut stabilisation in supportive care of dysbiosis or with animals with diarrhoea. This is achieved by producing and culturing the bacteria in their log phase with all their metabolites/postbiotics.
  • There are probiotics/beneficial bacteria like Enterococcus Faecum NCIMB 10415* in the pet and calf products which is licensed as an effective gut stabiliser under veterinary supervision.
  • Precision Microbes is fully licensed with the DAFM and also the range is fully organic certified. The products are only available through the veterinary channel.
  • Feedback from vets is extremely positive with great results across species in the use of the products for gut stabilisation but also with long term use.Precision Microbes Probiotic & Postbiotic for Calves 1LPrecision Microbes Probiotic & Postbiotic for Cats & Dogs 100ml 


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Precision Microbes Probiotic & Postbiotic for

Calves 1 Litre, Calves 10Litre, Cats & Dogs 100ml, Cats & Dogs 300ml, Cats & Dogs 1 Litre, Equine 1 Litre, Equine 5 Litre

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