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Precision Microbes Advanced Gut Stabiliser for Lambs 300ml



50 doses per bottle

Product Application:

Newborn Lambs: 6mls orally at birth (can be repeated after 24 hours if needed)

Lambs with diarrhoea: 1ml/kg once daily for 3-5 days or until symptoms resolve (can be used in conjunction with other treatments, if antibiotics leave 2 hours in between treatments)

Precision Microbes for Lambs

Contains a prebiotic to support and encourage beneficial microbes in lamb’s immature gut as well as offering a blend of probiotics (good bacteria) plus postbiotics which are the metabolites produced by these good bacteria which can act quickly to compete with harmful pathogens in the young lamb’s gut(one of the biggest challenges faced by lambs on Irish farms at birth along with hypothermia).This product is focused on supporting gut health and assisting the nature defences in the immature gut.It can also be used in lambs with dysbiosis/diarrhoea to help support physical recovery and restore normal function during and after gut insults.

Like other young ruminants, lambs depend on their mother’s milk for survival. Colostrum is the crucial, element to this healthy start. It is full of antibodies and also high in fat to help that young lamb start its life. It also contains more than just these vital components and has much higher levels of prebiotics than milk to help stimulate the young gut digestive flora to help the gut microbes develop.

This is important also because combined with microbes picked up during birth colostrum sets up the, young lambs’ digestive tract and the gut microbiome.

Precision Microbes is designed to support better gut health at birth when administered.

Once opened: use within 2 months. Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid freezing.

12 month expiry from date of manufacture

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