Imuresp RP, POM-V (Fridge)

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Imuresp RP is used for active immunisation to reduce the clinical signs and viral shedding associated with Infections Bovine Rhinotracheitis IBR (Bovine Herpesvirus type I) and for active immunisation to reduce PI3 viral shedding from infected animals.

Onset of immunity occurs by 4 days after vaccination with Imuresp RP.

Duration of protection has been demonstrated for up to 6 months after vaccination for the IBR Infections Bovine Rhinotracheitis virus component and for up to 5 months after vaccination for the PI3 Parainfluenza type 3 virus component.

Do not vaccinate unhealthy animals.

Dosage and route of administration: Reconstitute the entire constituents of the vaccine vial with the whole sterile diluent using the needle and the syringe provided.  For each animal, withdraw 2 ml of reconstituted vaccine, substitute nasal applicator for the needle and instil 2 ml into one nostril, holding head up gently but firmly. One applicator is supplied for every dose.

Take care to avoid the introduction of contamination while reconstituting and withdrawing vaccine.

The vaccine should be used immediately after reconstitution and not stored.

Vaccination programme:

Animals older than 10 weeks of age. A single dose of vaccine should be administered. Animals from 3 weeks to 10 weeks of age

Since maternal antibodies may interfere with the development of immunity in very young calves it is advisable to give two doses of vaccine, at least 14 days apart. The first dose may be given at any time from 3 weeks of age.  The second dose should not be given until at least 10 weeks of age.

Stotage: Imuresp RP should be stored and transport between +2°C and +8°C away from light. Do not freeze.


In order to maintain immunity, animals should be revaccinated every 6 months with a single dose of vaccine.

For more information see product data sheet here Imuresp

For faster administration try using automatic injector

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