Heptavac P Plus, POM-VPS (Fridge)

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Heptavac P Plus is a combined 7 in 1 Clostridial plus Pasteurella vaccine containing per ml: Clostridium perfringens beta toxoid : Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxoid ; Clostridium septicum: Clostridium tetani toxoid: Clostridium novyi toxoid ; Clostridium chauvoei cells and equivalent toxoid and formalin killed cells of the epidemiologically most important serotypes of Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella trehalosi. For the active immunisation of sheep as an aid in the control of lamb dysentery, pulpy kidney, struck, tetanus, braxy, blackleg, black disease and clostridial metritis caused by the above listed organisms. The vaccine may be used as an aid in the control of pneumonic pasteurellosis in sheep of all ages from a minimum age of 3 weeks and in the control of systemic pasteurellosis in weaned fattening and breeding sheep


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