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Cepravin Dry Cow, POM-V

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Cepravin DC are recommended for routine dry cow therapy to treat existing sub-clinical infections and to prevent new infections which occur during the dry period.

Not for use in the lactating cow. Not intended for use within 54 days of calving.

Do not bend the nozzle.

Do not contaminate the nozzle

If calving occurs before 54 days after treatment, the absence of antibiotic should be confirmed by testing before the milk is used for human consumption. Milk for human consumption may be taken after 54 days plus 96 hours after treatment.

In cows suffering from hypocalcaemia it may be necessary to discard milk for a longer period.

If the product is used in heifers during their first pregnancy the same precautions should be observed as in cows, i.e. infusions should be given not less than 54 days before calving and milk discarded for the statutory four days after calving.

Summer Mastitis – It is unlikely that antibiotic treatment alone will control Summer Mastitis and therefore other measures should be implemented as part of routine management. These measures include:

– Practising some form of fly control on the farm.

– Avoiding pasturing cattle on wet or wooded fields which are known to be associated with Summer Mastitis.

– Post-infusion teat dipping of cows and heifers receiving prophylactic intramammary infusions for the disease.

– Prompt attention to teat injuries or sores as these rapidly attract flies.

– Farms with an intractable problem should consider changing the calving pattern to avoid having animals at risk during the summer months.


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