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Calf Scour Test Kits (5 calves)

£65.00 EX VAT


Calf scour test kits can be used to find out which bug is causing your calves to scours – is the first step in successful treatment or even prevention of calf scour.

These easy to use test kits can test for Rotavirus, Ecoli F5 (K99), Coronavirus and Cryptosporidium in less than 5 minutes.
When you know which you are up against … then your vet can recommend the best course of action to treat that calf and even recommend a vaccination programme to prevent it affecting other calves…. saving you time and money.
How to use the calf scour test kits : ** Wear Gloves** There are 5 individual test kits in the pack … for the best results, collect the sample from a calf that has not been treated for the scour. To use you simply collect a small scoop (provided) of the scour sample and pop it back into the smaller bottle with liquid, secure the lid and gently shake. Then pop the small bottle into the larger bottle and twist the lid down tightly until you hear it click twice.. you will see the liquid start to travel up the coloured strips. Place the container on a flat surface and after 2 minutes you will be able to interpret the results using simple diagram on the instruction leaflet which would be enclosed in the box.
When you have your result .. speak with your vet for the best advice.