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Ark Quatro Calf Scour Test Kit

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Ark Quatro Calf Scour Test Kits can be used to find out which bug is causing your calves to scours – is the first step in

Scour is the most serious health issue in calves under 1 month old. ARK Quatro identifies the 4 most common causes of scour. A scour outbreak in calves can cause huge financial losses and requires a coordinated response to tackle effectively.

Ark Quatro will identify the 4 main causes of scour in 20 mins, allowing you to make the right decisions on control and prevention;

  • EColi: Often appears in the first four days of life and causes a watery scour usually accompanied by a sick or collapsed calf.
  • Rotavirus & Coronavirus: Often appears from 1 week old and causes a yellow pasty scour and a slightly dull to very sick calf.
  • Cryptosporidium: Often appears from 1 week old and causes a chronic watery scour. Calves get very weak and dehydrated.