Omni Clean 5 Litre

£20.00 EX VAT


Omniclean is a high foaming detergent and is ideal for the first stage in the cleaning process of animal housing, hatcheries, transportation and food processing areas before terminal disinfection takes place and is the ideal product to be used in conjunction with Omnicide™ It can also be used to clean equipment and utensils in the animal health and food processing industries.

Omniclean contains a non-ionic surfactant that will remove a wide variety of surface debris and soil such as protein and fats.

  • Heavy duty fast foaming cationic cleaner
  • Ideal first stage cleaner
  • Ensure all surfaces are covered
  • Non-staining and will not affect commonly used metals
  • Stable under both acid and alkaline conditions
  • Effective in hot and cold, soft or hard water
  • Long contact time

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