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Milca4 4 x 500ml



Another calcium-based product? Yes, but not just any. Milca4 has a dosage form and a unique action thanks to its  4 sources of calcium :

1 + 2:  Propionate  and  formate : for rapid recovery from calcium deficiencies.

3:  Pidolate  stimulates the proteins which bind calcium which gives a long lasting action without risk of relapsing into hypercalcemia.

4:  Alginate  comes in the form of small balls which pass the rumen and give their energy and  calcium in the intestines, thus prolonging the effect of calcium.


Application – Shake the bottle before use to bring the pearls into suspension. Hold the cows head up to avoid choking and slowly administer the content of the bottle.

Preventative – Give contents of 1 bottle orally after calving. Repeat in necessary 12 hours later.

Therapeutic – Give contents of 1 bottle after a calcium infusion. Repeat if necessary 12 hours later.