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Hydrafast 24 x 133g sachets, AVM-GSL

£65.00 EX VAT

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Hydrafast is a next generation oral rehydration solution. Hydrafast was developed alongside Professor Gayle Hallowell, Professor of Veterinary Internal Medicine and Critical Care at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, University of Nottingham.

Features of Hydrafast:

  • Delivers ideal sodium levels for water absorption and rehydration.
  • Provides high glucose levels for energy, and as the main co-transporter of sodium.
  • Includes acetate, propionate, and citrate as acid buffers. These also act as sodium co-transporters and further energy sources.
  • Contains Glycine, an amino acid which facilitates sodium absorption and speeds mucosal regeneration.
  • All components of Hydrafast are carefully balanced achieving the desired osmolarity, strong ion difference and sodium: glucose ratio.

Hydrafast comes in sachets of 133g. Each box of Hydrafast contains 24 sachets.