Bovipast RSP 10 dose, POM-V (Fridge)

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Vm 01708/4458


For the active immunisation of cattle against: Parainfluenza 3 virus, to reduce infection, Bovine Respiratory Syncytial virus, to reduce infection and clinical signs, Mannheimia haemolytica serotype A1, to reduce infection, mortality, clinical signs, lung lesions and bacterial invasion of the lung caused by serotypes A1 and A6. Cross-reactive immunity to the A6 serotype of M.haemolytica has been demonstrated in a challenge experiment under laboratory conditions after primary course of vaccination. Approximately two weeks after completion of the basic immunisation programme, the humoral immune response against BRS-Virus and PI-3-Virus is at its highest level. The duration of protective immunity has not been established in challenge experiments.



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